Saturday, December 15, 2007

Luhansk Oblast (Ukrainian: Луганська область, translit. Luhans'ka oblast', Russian: Луганская область, translit. Luganskaya oblast; also referred to as Luhanshchyna - Ukrainian: Луганщина or locally as Lugan' (Лугань)) is the easternmost oblast (province) of Ukraine. Its administrative center is Luhansk.
Important cities within the oblast include: Alchevsk, Antratsyt, Bryanka, Kirovsk, Krasnyi Luch, Krasnodon, Lysychansk, Luhansk, Pervomaisk, Rovenky, Rubizhne, Sverdlovsk, Syeverodonetsk, Stakhanov.

Luhansk Oblast Administrative Sudivisions
The population is largely Russian-speaking although ethnic Ukrainians constitute a majority. More than 69% of the population consider themselves native Russian speakers.
Its population (as of 2004) is 2,461,506 million constitutes 5.13% of the overall Ukrainian population. The Luhansk Oblast rates fifth in Ukraine by the number of its inhabitants, having an average population density of 90.28 /km². About 87% of the population lives in urban areas, and the rest - 13%, reside in agricultural areas. According to the national census, 54.0% of the population are Ukrainians and 42% are Russians.

The oblast belongs to the historical region of Donbas as well as to Sloboda Ukraine (Slobozhanshchina). Between 1753 and 1764, a territory of Imperial Russia named Slavo-Serbia existed in this area with administrative seat in Slovianoserbsk.

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