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Host desecration is a form of sacrilege in Christianity, involving the mistreatment or malicious use of a consecrated Host, or communion wafer. Throughout history, a number of groups have been accused of desecrating hosts; because of the religious importance of the consecrated wafer, the accusation is one of metaphysical evil and hostility towards God.
Accusations against Jews were a common pretext for massacres and expulsions throughout the Middle Ages in Europe. Similar accusations were made in witchcraft trials; the witch-hunter's guide Malleus Maleficarum mentions the desecration of hosts by witches a number of times. It is part of many descriptions of the Black Mass, both in ostensibly historical works and in fiction.

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Categories Antisemitism · Jewish history Accusations of host desecration levelled against Jews were a common pretext for massacres and expulsions throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, and in many German cities, according to Ocker's writings in the Harvard Theological Review. According to William Nichol in Christian Antisemitism, "over 100 instances of the charge have been recorded, in many cases leading to massacres."


¿Quién robó los panes del horno?
Los perros judíos, los perros judíos.

Who has stolen the loaves from the oven?
The Jewish dogs, the Jewish dogs.
This is a riddle, or refrain, sung by Chilean schoolchildren in the 1960s. It has been noted to be sung as late as 2006.

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