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ca. 18 800 (2007)
Vietnamese Norwegians are Norwegians of Vietnamese descent who trace their ancestry to Vietnam and are residents and/or citizens of Norway. Norway has received Vietnamese refugees since 1975.
When this article describes Vietnamese living in Norway, it primarily means persons with two parents born in Vietnam. Thus, statistics used in this article does not include Vietnamese-descended persons with only one parent, or no parents born in Vietnam.

As of 1 January 2007, the Norwegian Statistisk Sentralbyrå reported that there were 18 783 Vietnamese Norwegians in Norway. Vietnamese Norwegians was at the time the fourth largest non-western immigrant group after Pakistani, Iraqi and Somali immigrants.

Around 5000 Vietnamese-Norwegians live in Oslo, where they are the 8th largest immigrant group. There are also significant groups of Vietnamese living in Bergen, Kristiansand and Trondheim. They are the largest immigrant group in Kristiansand, and the next largest in Bergen and Trondheim.

Vietnamese Norwegian Settlement

Cultural Profile
Vietnamese culture places heavy emphasis on education, and this gives them an edge when compared to many other non-western immigrants. A survey from 2006 reported that 88 percent of Vietnamese finished college, the same percent as ethnic Norwegians.

Vietnamese in Norway are not active in the country's politics. As of December 2006, there was only one Vietnamese in a municipality council in Norway.

As a result of most Vietnamese coming to Norway as political or war refugees fleeing the Communist Vietnam, they are in general critical of the Vietnamese government. Fleeing the country was viewed as treasonable by the Vietnamese government during the 1970's and 1980's. However, the trend has turned and Vietnam now view the overseas Vietnamese as assets to the country's rapidly growing economy.
The Vietnamese are one the immigrant groups in Norway that most often send money to families in their home country. Over 60 percent of those who came to the country as adults reported as regularly sending money home to their families. The number regularly sending money to Vietnam among Vietnamese born in Norway or arrived in the country as children, were over 40 percent. The Vietnamese coming to Norway as adults send more and more money, the longer they have stayed in their new country.

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