Thursday, March 27, 2008

Christine Sutton
Christine Sutton is a physicist associated with the Particle Physics Group in the Physics Department of the University of Oxford.
Sutton is active in outreach programs for particle physics and has previously represented the United Kingdom in the European Particle Physics Outreach Group. She is by far the most prolific contributor to the 2007 Encyclopædia Britannica, with 24 articles on particle physics:
which is nine more articles as the next most prolific contributor, J. Gordon Melton (15 Micropædia articles).
She is also active in physics education and has developed several innovative programs for introducing quantum physics to schoolchildren.
Sutton is the author of three books, Spaceship Neutrino, The Particle Connection and The Particle Explosion (together with Frank Close and Michael Marten).

Argonne National Laboratory (Micropædia article)
Colliding-Beam Storage Ring (Micropædia article)
DESY (Micropædia article)
Electroweak theory (Micropædia article)
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Micropædia article)
Feynman diagram (Micropædia article)
Flavour (Micropædia article)
Gluon (Micropædia article)
Higgs particle (Micropædia article)
Linear accelerator (Micropædia article)
Particle accelerators (in part, Macropædia article)
Quantum chromodynamics (Micropædia article)
Renormalization (Micropædia article)
SLAC (Micropædia article)
Standard model (Micropædia article)
Strong nuclear force (Micropædia article)
Subatomic particles (Macropædia article)
Supergravity (Micropædia article)
Superstring theory (Micropædia article)
Supersymmetry (Micropædia article)
Tau (Micropædia article)
Unified field theory (Micropædia article)
Weak nuclear force (Micropædia article)
Z particle (Micropædia article)

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