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Affiliated labels

4AD Records (1992–1998)
American Recordings (1988-1997, 2005-2007)
Bearsville Records (1970-1984)
Capricorn Records (1990–1995)
Cold Chillin' Records (1987-1993)
Extasy International Records (2000–2004)
F-111 Records (1995–2001)
Geffen Records (1980-1990)
Giant Records [and its subsidiaries the Medicine Label (1993–1995), Paladin, Revolution] (1990-2001)
Loma Records (1964-1968 and one boutique release in 2003)
Luaka Bop Records (1988–2000)
Metal Blade Records (1988–1992)
Music for Little People (1990–1995)
Opal Records (1987-1993)
Paisley Park Records (1985-1994)
Premeditated Records (middle 1990s)
Qwest Records (1985-2000)
Slash Records (1982-1996)
Tommy Boy Records (1985-2002)
Valiant Records (1960-1966)
Warner Alliance (?-1998) Warner Bros. Records Former

Blacksmith Records (2005-present)
Brute-Beaute Records (2005–present)
Festival Mushroom Records (1952-present)
Heiress Records (2004-present; current status unknown)
Jack Records (2004-present)
Machine Shop Recordings (2004-present)
Malpaso Records (1995-present; status unknown)
Maverick Records (1991-present)
Nonesuch Records (2004-present) (though technically still a subsidiary of Elektra Records because of its UPC prefix)
PBS Records (1998–present; current status unknown)
Playmaker Music (2007-present)
RFC Records (?-present; status unknown)
Record Collection (?-present)
Reprise Records (1963-present)
RuffNation Records (1998-present)
Sire Records (1978–1994, 2003–present)
SoBe Records (2005–present)
Teleprompt Records (2003-present)
Word Records (2002-present) Current

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