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This is a list of settlements in Cyprus. The list first lists the English name followed by the Greek name in Greek script - If this name differs from the English name, the Greek name is then rendered in the Latin alphabet - followed further by the Turkish names. And finally, the Old names are shown last. Note that eventhough some Turkish names existed for some villages/towns, prior to 1974 Turkish invasion, most of the villages/towns were given a different, Turkish name for political reasons.

List of cities in Cyprus Minor towns and villages

Antiphonitis (a church)
Kantara Castle
St. Hilarion Castle
Vouni Historic sites

Akamas (a peninsula)
Akrotiri Bay
Chrysochous Bay
Cape Apostolos Andreas
Cape Arnauti
Cape Greco (Cape Gkreko / Pidalio)
Cape Elaia
Cape Kiti
Cape Kormakitis
Cape Platoki
Cape Zevgari
Episkopi Bay
Famagusta Bay
Karpass Peninsula
Kyparissovouno (a mountain)
Kyrenia mountain range
Larnaca Bay
Mesaoria (the great plains in eastern Cyprus)
Mount Olympus
Morphou Bay (Greek: Κολπος Μορφου, Kolpos Morfou; Turkish: Güzelyurt Körfezi)
Pedhieos (the island's longest river)
Pentadaktylos, Turkish: Beşparmak (A mountain. Both names mean Five fingers)
Tillyria Turkish Dillirga (area in NW Cyprus)
Troodos Mountains (a mountain range) List of Greek and Turkish names for towns in occupied Cyprus

List of cities
Districts of Cyprus

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