Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michel Rolle
Michel Rolle (April 21, 1652 - November 8, 1719) was a French mathematician. He is best known for Rolle's theorem (1691). He also invented the current standardized notation
sqrt[n>{x} to denote the nth root of displaystyle x.

Rolle was born in Ambert, Basse-Auvergne. In 1675, he moved from Ambert to Paris and was elected in 1685 to join the Académie Royale des Sciences and became a Pensionnaire Géometre of the Académie (1699). He had then already been given a pension by Jean-Baptiste Colbert after solving one of Jacques Ozanam's problems.
Rolle was an early critic of calculus, arguing that it was inaccurate and based upon unsound reasoning. He later changed his opinion.
Rolle died in Paris.

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