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The Megatower not only failed to comply with the original design plan, it also breached Metroplan guidelines prohibiting new developments from cutting the ridge-line of Victoria Peak when seen from various key points.

Costly piling repairs were necessary after short-piling of part of the site was discovered by engineers, who found discrepancies in the volume of concrete usage and the volume of concrete actually required.

Short-piling incident
ifc Tower 1 is also known as 1IFC and branded as "Ifc One". Likewise, Tower 2 is also known as 2IFC and branded as "Ifc Two".
1IFC opened in December 1998, towards the end of the Asian financial crisis. Tenants included ING Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp, Fidelity Investments, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
Through its location, array of big-name retailers, and transport connections, it also aims to attract visitors to the ifc mall, which features a number of top fashion, health & skin care, jewellery and accessory shops, restaurants, and a cinema. The ifc mall houses over 200 different brands. It also features Hong Kong's third c!ty'super store, a high-end supermarket.

Two International Finance Centre ifc as a brand
One International Finance Centre was completed in 1998 and opened in 1999. It is 210 m tall[1], has 38 storeys and four trading floors, 18 high speed passenger lifts in 4 zones, and comprises 784,000 square feet (72,850 m²). The building currently accommodates approximately 5,000 people.

One International Finance Centre
Two International Finance Centre, completed in 2003, is attached to the second phase of the ifc mall. This 415 m tall building is currently Hong Kong's tallest, is quoted as having 88 storeys to qualify as being extremely auspicious in Chinese culture, and 22 high-ceiling trading floors. In actual fact, however, it is short of the magic number, due to the fact that the "taboo floors" like 14th and 24th etc., are omitted as being inauspicious - 14 sounds like "definitely fatal" and 24 like "Easily fatal" in Cantonese.
The highrise is designed to accommodate financial firms. For example, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is located at the 55th floor. It is equipped with advanced telecommunications, raised floors for flexible cabling management, and nearly column-free floor plans. The building expects to accommodate up to 15,000 people. It is one of relatively few buildings in the world equipped with double-deck elevators.
The 55th, 56th and the 77th to 88th floors were bought by the HKMA for US$ 480 million in 2001.

Two International Finance Centre
The Four Seasons Hotel was completed and opened in October in 2005. The 206 m (674 ft), 55-storey waterfront hotel is the first Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.
The hotel has some 400 rooms, and in excess of 500 serviced apartments. Amenities include what is claimed to be a world-class restaurant and spa.

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Financial Times, HSBC, and Cathay Pacific put up an advertisement on the facade from October to November of 2003 that stretched more than 50 storeys, covering an area of 19,000 m² (0.2 million square ft) and a length of 230 m, making it the world's largest advertisement ever put on a skyscraper.
The Two ifc building was featured in the Hollywood movie Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, in which Lara Croft and Terry Sheridan leap off it. Image gallery

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